Based on the specifications required by the customer, the transfer tools are designed and customized to obtain the maximum reduction of the sheet metal used in each production cycle. In addition to the precision of the component, this guarantees important advantages in terms of production costs. develops and manufactures tools with mechanical or pneumatic transfer systems or with integrated transfer systems (foreseen when the customer has mechanical presses) in order to meet the most diverse production requirements of the customer. has decades of experience in the manufacture of drawing, forming, blanking and bending tools for processing prepainted and unpainted sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel with or without protective film. And this with a wide variety of solutions for the transfer of parts, which range from traditional systems or the use of active grippers or suction cups, up to the solution with robotic systems.

A huge variety of mechanical machining processes can also be integrated with more complex operations such as the direct insertion of pins or nuts.

Goal of is to find and deliver solutions in the manufactured line tools that allow a reduction in production steps, coupled with production efficiency and cost containment.

Before delivery, all tools are tested, approved and certified ISO 9001: 2015, whereby makes his presses available to the customer.

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