Lames is constantly investing in machinery and in technologically advanced working methods to ensure the best quality of its end products.

Lames does its utmost to fully meet customer’s satisfaction and to improve its business process, to guarantee the best performance. All efforts have been leading to an important achievement: the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

PDF Machine inventory

OMV Active Five 2000

The OMV Active Five 2000 is a high speed milling machine composed by a fixed gantry and a moving table.

X = 2000 mm
Y = 1800 mm
Z = 850 mm
Toolings no.: 120

OMV – Electra

The OMV-Electra is a high dynamic milling machine with moving column.

X = 6000 mm
Y = 1400 mm
Z = 2600 mm


The FTP is a milling machine with moving column and tooling change.

X = 4000 mm
Y = 1200 mm
Z = 2000 mm


Fixed table Parpas THS.

X = 3000 mm
Y = 1200 mm
Z = 1500 mm


Horizontal machining center OKK HM600s.

X = 800 mm
Y = 750 mm
Z = 880 mm

Wire erosion machines

Automatic thread.
No.1 wire erosion, FANUC α1iE with automatic thread.

Working area:
– FANUC α C 600IA 600 x 400.
– FANUC α1iE 600 x 400.

Müller press

Hydraulic press 800 to with hydraulic blankholder 400 to. Surface 4000 x 2200 (Müller)

Other presses

– Mechanical press 650 to with hydraulic blankholder 100 to, surface 3200 x 1700, feed “Iron 3 x 700”
– Hydraulic press 500 to, blankholder 250 to, surface 2000 x 1600
– Mechanical press 200 to


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